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Prices and Conditions of Payment

The price of products is that indicated on the website at the time of sending the order. Prices are inclusive of the cost of packaging, VAT (where applicable) and any indirect taxes (where applicable), but do not include delivery costs, which are calculated prior to confirmation of the order by the seller and which the customer undertakes to pay in addition to the prices indicated on the website.

The price of a product may vary according to the pricing policy of a specific market. Sales times and percentage discounts may also vary.

Where products are delivered to countries outside the European Union, the total price is net of any customs duties and other sales taxes. The customer is invited to consult the relevant authorities in their country of residence or the destination of the products for information regarding any duties or taxes applicable in these countries.

All transactions regarding online orders on the FERRUCCIO VECCHI website are in euros. Furthermore, all orders will be accompanied by the relative tax receipt/invoice.

FERRUCCIO VECCHI suggests two methods of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card

The website is equipped with a secure payment system. The customer’s bank details are encrypted and protected by the SSL2.0 encoding procedure to ensure complete confidentiality. Moreover, bank details cannot be accessed by third parties online. For this reason the purchaser must enter their credit card number for each order placed.